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Why invest in Sudan?


Business-friendly environment 

From the fast-growing startups to the largest multinationals, Sudan is proving to be the right partner for doing business. With an open investment legislative framework and modern, best-practice laws and regulations, with no discrimination against foreigners, it is shown to be an attractive and business-friendly space.

Add-ons Compatibility

With sound policies, a large population, and a strong GDP growth witnessed over the last few years, Sudan remains one of Africa’s robust economy, amidst global headwinds. With large demand, the profit margins are greater than anywhere else in the world. 


Reduced IT Costs

Sudan is the most strategic location in the horn of Africa, home to gold reserves, mineral resources, oil & gas fields, and great irrigation conditions with the majestic Nile running through it. With access to one of the most important shipping routes, the Red Sea, Sudan is set to become a trading hub between Africa and the Arab world. 


Multi-user Collaboration

A buzzing area in the heart of Africa, with the ideal landscape to invest with certainty. Businesses looking to expand their presence in the region can leverage Sudan as a host and gateway to the rest of the region to build insights, commercialize solutions, and test out innovations. 

All the above schemes bear witness to Sudan’s infinite potential.  

Invest opportunities in sectors includes


The geographic location of Sudan derives a good potential as a trade hub for Africa, Middle East, and the Asia region.


With the River Nile and wide areas of fertile land, the climate in Sudan is ideal for crops. Agriculture is set to be a sector fueled by population growth.

Natural Resources

Sudan is one of the top gold producers in Africa & natural resources such as aluminum, manganese, chrome, zinc, oil, gas. Big projects are on the horizon.


Manufacturing, particularly in automobiles, is observed to be the 4th highest contributor to Sudan’s GDP.


The largest investment opportunity is in the oil industry, contributing as the quickest route to Sudan’s economic growth. Sudan is eager to explore this industry further and exploit its fields. With further investment in all infrastructure, green energy is shown to be promising.


Sudan has a breathtaking cultural heritage yet to be explored. From north to south, untapped landscapes and countless monuments testify to Sudan’s rich history. 


Sudan’s large size and distance between population centers make air transport an attractive sector for investing in, with short development times and great investment opportunities. 


Telecom in Sudan has developed exponentially in recent times and now represents one of the most dynamic, advanced facets of Sudan’s economy. With the growing infrastructure, systems are looking to be digitalized and boosting efforts of cyber-security.  


Sudan has national livestock and animal resources, making it highly regarded in the MENA region, with a wealth of uncultivated arable land yet to be developed, new ventures exist in the agro-industry.